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  Each student is to choose your own organization or one with which you are fami

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  Each student is to choose your own organization or one with which you are familiar. This can even be fictional in case you work in a secure environment, for instance.
Propose a major (= strategic) decision facing your chosen enterprise
Evaluate the decision, emphasizing its financial, project, operational and informational management aspects
Develop a plan of action for the enterprise to employ to make and then implement the decision.
For example:
One major decision facing, Inc. is which additional countries to enter to do business
One major decision facing Apple, Inc. is how to regain the market share its smartphones have recently lost to competitors around the world
One major decision facing Google LLC is how to avoid being charged as a monopolist enterprise in the United States.
One major decision facing Facebook is how to identify and monitor fake accounts that can be harmful to individuals and the public.
Format for the paper: The paper should be 11 – 12 pages long, excluding the cover page, executive summary, and reference list.Include
A cover page with a meaningful report title
A one page executive summary that highlights the key results and recommendations
A half-page introduction that describes the report purpose and contents.
Headings and subheadings to improve the paper’s readability.
Conclusion describing the key points of the report.
Double-spaced, written in size 12 New Times Roman font.
Citations and references list in APA format
Page numbers on all pages

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