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   Exp19_Excel_Ch08_HOEAssessment_Robert’s_Flooring  Exp19 Excel Ch08 HOEAssessm

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Exp19 Excel Ch08 HOEAssessment Robert’s Flooring
 Excel Chapter 8 Hands-On Exercise Assessment – Robert’s Flooring 
Project Description:
You are a business analyst for Robert’s flooring, a local home renovation shop that specializes in hardwood floors. You have been given an Excel workbook that contains the last 10 flooring installations completed. You would like to explore this information using the Analysis ToolPak. You would also like to visualize the data by adding a trendline to a scatter plot. Lastly you would like to use the FORECAST.LINEAR function to create a fair market price quote for a 1500 sqft flooring installation 
Start Excel. Download   and open the file named EXP19_Excel_Ch08_HOEAssessment_RobertsFlooring.xlsx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.
You would like to use   the Data Analysis ToolPak to create a histogram to visualize the data. To   complete this task, first ensure the Data Analysis ToolPak is active. Next,   use the histogram feature in the Data Analysis ToolPak to place a histogram   in the worksheet. Use the range C3:C13 as the Input Range. Use the range   F3:F10 as the Bin range. Place the output in cell F13. Be sure to check   Labels, Cumulative Percentage, and Chart Output. Position the Chart Output so   that the upper left corner starts just inside the borders of cell F23.
You would like to add   a linear trendline to a scatter plot to help better forecast pricing based on   square footage of the installation space. You will position the chart to   start in cell K3, place the sqft data in the X axis, the Cost data in the Y   axis, and add a trendline with equation and R-square. Be sure to add a   descriptive chart title (Price Forecast).

You would like to use   the FORECAST.LINEAR function to calculate a cost estimate to install 1500   sqft of flooring. Be sure to use the cost data as the known_ys and the Sqft   data as the known_xs. Place the formula in cell I4.

Create a footer with   your name on the left side, the sheet name code in the center, and the file   name code on the right side.
Save and close EXP_Excel_CH08_HOEAssessment_RobertsFlooring.xlsx.   Exit Excel. Submit the file as directed.

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