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FINAL SECTIONS TO BE ATTACHED Reference page: This must be a part of the report,

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Reference page:
This must be a part of the report, and not a separate document. You should have at least five
references, and your references must be cited in your report. Center the heading Works Cited.
Do not type the word Page. Place your Works Cited Page at the end of the report.
Create Appendices: Each appendix must be on a page by itself
Appendix A: Copy and paste the assumption for the project
(If your instructor does not see where you have identified the assumption in
your report, then you will receive a 0 grade for this section.)
Appendix B: Two Direct Quotes:
Copy and Paste two direct quotes from your paper. Direct quotes must have
signal phrases and must have quotation marks with page numbers or
paragraph numbers. The page # that the quote appears on in your paper must be
Reflection Letter: Use full block letter style; in three paragraphs:
1. compose a letter to your instructor in which you reflect back on what you have learned
from this course,
2. how has this class impacted the way you think, and
3. what particular issue was the most interesting to you. Explain why.
4. The reflection letter must be a minimum of three paragraphs. Sign your reflection
Information Literacy Forms
Information literacy forms 1, 2 and 3 must be typed and submitted with the report.
PowerPoint Slides
Submit your PowerPoint slides with notes as a separate document PowerPoint document with
notes page.
Failure to submit your information literacy forms and you PowerPoint as a separate
document not attached to this paper will result in a failing grade
Save a copy of this project for your files and E-mail a copy of the Final Document to your
In order to receive a grade on your project, you must e-mail your document. The instructor will
provide the e-mail address. To protect the integrity of your document, your copy will remain on
file. The originality of your work will be safeguarded under your name.
Save a copy of your report directions (these pages.) You may need to refer to these
directions if you use this project in the future.

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