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  Imagine you are preparing for your first semester at an elementary school in y

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Imagine you are preparing for your first semester at an elementary school in your home district where you will be teaching a sixth-grade class, and you were assigned a homeroom. You are well-aware that classroom management is one of the biggest challenges for a new teacher, and you are planning ahead of time how you will apply what you have learned about enforcing desired behavior and establishing rules and procedures with students.
Part 1: Classroom Management Models
Research various classroom management models and theories.
Create a visual organizer that compares at least 2 different models/theories and includes the following:
Name of model
Model description
How each model functions in the classroom
How each model promotes appropriate behavior
How each model is used to create a positive learning environment
Part 2: Classroom Expectations
Create a table that lists routines and procedures students will be expected to follow in your classroom. Include the following routines and procedures:
Entering the classroom
Exiting the classroom
Turning in assignments
Obtaining materials
Going to the restroom
Getting out of their seat
Checking devices in and out 
Include the following information/columns for each routine or procedure:
Steps for accomplishing the routine or procedure
Consequences for not following the routine or procedure
Method for teaching the routine or procedure
Consider the roles in which students’ diverse cultural backgrounds, experiences, abilities, developmental levels, and skills might have on your plan as you formulate your responses.
Part 3: Analysis
​​​​​​​Choose 3 of the routines or procedures listed in your table from Part 2 that you believe are most important, and write a 260- to 350-word analysis that addresses the following questions:
Why are these routines or procedures critical to your success in the classroom?
What classroom management model(s) do these routines and procedures follow?
How will these routines or procedures promote student engagement?
From a legal and ethical standpoint, why is it important to have routines and procedures in place?
How did you consider the diversity of your students when creating and communicating expectations?
What impact do preparation and instructional planning have on whether students follow these routines and procedures?

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