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  In a conversation with a family member, you are told: “Bad people do bad thing

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In a conversation with a family member, you are told: “Bad people do bad things. Some people are just bad eggs.” For this discussion, you will incorporate what you have learned about antisocial behavior and its implications for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.
First, title your post “Antisocial Behavior.”
For your initial post, review the videos What Is the Definition of Microaggression? and If Microaggressions Happened to White People. Then answer the following questions:
Are microaggressions real or imagined? Discuss the implications of statements such as “You shouldn’t take offense” and “Oh stop—you’re being too sensitive” on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
To what extent can we excuse a person’s motivation to participate in riots or tendency to bully others when it’s an aspect of group behavior? Discuss the implications of group mentality on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Racial stereotyping and discrimination are antisocial behaviors. Given the impact of learning on human behavior, what is the first step that a person could take to unlearn discriminatory behavior and adopt a more accepting and inclusive attitude toward all people?
Our conception of bad eggs might inadvertently categorize people into specific social groups. How can we reframe the “bad” in people to view them through a less discriminatory and more inclusive, humanistic lens?
How does the concept of antisocial behavior apply to any of the following programmatic course themes:

Social justice
Emotional intelligence
Career connections

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