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  Unit 7 Assignment: Community Education  Attached Files:  INFOGRAPHIC – HSV10

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Unit 7 Assignment: Community Education 
Attached Files:
 INFOGRAPHIC – HSV101 Unit 7 Assignment.pdf INFOGRAPHIC – HSV101 Unit 7 Assignment.pdf – Alternative Formats (198.273 KB)
In this assignment, you are being asked to create a visual representation of the problem you selected for the Unit 6 Addressing Client Needs Paper (Domestic Abuse). See the attached document for complete instructions and grading rubric.  
Design Your First Infographic
For this week’s assignment, you will be designing an infographic. Is this your first time giving it a try? Check out this LinkedIn Learning module that will provide you with some tips and tricks to designing your first infographic!
Module Overview:
Infographics distill information into a digestible, picture-driven format that viewers can easily retain. Whether you wish to design your first infographic for a marketing report, a personal project, a company brochure, or an event, this course walks you through the very first steps. No prior knowledge of infographic design is needed. Instructor Nigel French helps you identify when a graphic representation is better than a written one, and he goes over the fundamental design aspects of infographics such as icons and font choices. Plus, learn where to find sources of inspiration and raw material—including accurate data—for your infographic.

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