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 Using the readings that are provided to date and especially those of Abes, Jone

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 Using the readings that are provided to date and especially those of Abes, Jones & McEwen (Multiple Dimensions of the
Self, write a concise 2-3 page paper (plus a cover page and a reference pagel, using APA formatting, reflecting on the
interface between your personal and professional identities and multiple dimensions/intersectionality) and what this
means for you as a professional educator.
While this paper is focused on the self, make sure to include insights for increasing your effectiveness as an educator.
You may also want to include questions, issues or specific recommendations for other educators to consider in their
practice. How has the course facilitated insights and strategies that you can apply to curricular or non-curricular
At the minimum, you should reference four (4) sources from our course, from weeks 1-4. Additional outside sources are
also welcome. Be sure to review the rubric below for additional guidance.
Paper Formatting
typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, and written to the standards set forth in the Publication Manual of the
American Psychological Association (APAL
. I recommend reviewing the APA resources in Canvas and/or visiting OWL Online Writing Labl at Purdue e for
information about APA formatting. If you have questions regarding appropriate use of APA, please let me know. I’m
happy to support you
Your paper should be submitted to Canvas in dock or pdf format
Writing Support
Writing Center: Cramer Hall 188, 503-725-3570, bittos/www.ode.edulentios-center/e
If you have questions about how to organize your analysis, I’m happy to support you. You can schedule office hours
here: e
Personal is Professional Paper 

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