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 YO19_IntegratedProject_1_LaundryProposal 1.1    YO19_IntegratedProject_1_Laundr

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 YO19_IntegratedProject_1_LaundryProposal 1.1
YO19_IntegratedProject_1_LaundryProposal 1.1
Project Description:
As a student at the university, you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have dreamed of starting your own business. You have noticed that the coin laundry in your dorm is always full and crowded. You saw an opportunity to start a business that picks up laundry at the dorms, launders the clothes, folds the clothes, and returns the laundry in a single day. The first step to starting this business is to create a proposal for the university to approve the service to have some operations within the dorms. You started by conducting a survey of your fellow students. The next step is to process the survey results and create a proposal for the university.
Steps to Perform:
Points    Possible
Start   Word. Download and open the file named IntegratedProject_1   – LaundryUProposal.docx. Grader has automatically added your last name to   the beginning of the filename. Click Enable Editing, if necessary.
Branding is always important both internally and   externally. Images and logos can help you brand.
  Press CTRL+HOME to place the cursor at the beginning of the document. insert   the image LaundryULogo.jpg. Change   the width of the image to 1.5 inches. Change the layout to In Front of Text   and then align the image Right relative to the margin.
  Hint: On the Picture Format tab, use the tools in the Arrange group and the   Size group to format the picture.
Change   the document theme to Feathered and the theme colors to Blue Warm. Change the   margins to Narrow.
  If the theme is not available, click Browse for Themes, and then select the   downloaded theme file Feathered.thmx.
Spelling mistakes are unprofessional as they make   the author appear to be unable to spell properly.
  Check the spelling to correct all spelling errors. LaundryU is the name of the business and is spelled correctly.
Styles   help you format even if you are not very good with design.
  Set the style for the first three lines in the document to Heading 1.
  On the sixth line down change the salutation of Dear Director, to a style of Heading 2. Change the line that   reads We did a survey of 100 students   in the dorm and found: style to be Heading 2.
A name should look like a signature.
  On the next to last line, change the font of Matthew Thomas to Lucida Handwriting.
Open   the downloaded LaundryUSurvey.xlsx   file. On the Q1 worksheet, in cell E2, enter a function that calculates how   many students answered yes to the survey using the data in cell B2:B101.
  Hint: You will be using the COUNTIF Function. See Excel Chapter 2: Activity   2.08

On the Q1 worksheet, in cell E3, enter a function   that calculates how many students answered no to the survey using the data in   cell B2:B101.
Using   the data in cells D2:E3, insert a 3-D Pie Chart. Change the chart title to Interested in   LaundryU Service?   Change the chart style to Style 3.
Select the chart and copy it. Display the IntegratedProject_1 –   LaundryUProposal.docx file, and be sure your insertion point is   positioned on the line underneath Would   you be interested in a laundry service that picks up and delivers to your   dorm? On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click the Paste arrow, and   then under Paste Options, click Use Destination Theme & Link Data.
In the IntegratedProject_1 –   LaundryUProposal.docx file, center the chart. Set the width of the chart   to 4 inches and the height to 2 inches. Change the font size of the chart   title to 12.
When looking at results of this survey, it is   important to look at more than just the average price the students are   willing to pay to get an idea of distribution of the results. Considering   just an average in a decision could lead to erroneous or poor decisions.
  Display LaundryUSurvey.xlsx. On the   Q2 worksheet using the data in cells B2:B40, calculate the following:
  In cell F2 calculate the average price students were willing to pay.
  In cell F3 calculate the standard deviation of the sample.
  In cell F4 calculate the sample size.
  In cell H3 calculate the minimum price students were willing to pay.
  In cell H4 calculate the maximum price students were willing to pay.
  For Standard Deviation, use the STDEV.S Function
  For the Sample Size, use the COUNTA Function
On the   Q2 worksheet, format cells F2, F3, H3, and H4 to Accounting. Format cell F2   to bold. Set the fill color for cells F2:H4 to White, Background 1.
Select cells   E2:H4 and copy the range. Display the IntegratedProject_1   – LaundryUProposal.docx file, and be sure your insertion point is   positioned on the line underneath If   yes, how much would you be willing to pay per bag (approximately 1 load of   laundry)? On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click the Paste arrow,   and then click Paste Special. In the Paste Special dialog box under As, click   Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object. Then, click OK. Center the embedded Excel   Worksheet Object.
Save   and Exit Excel. Save and close IntegratedProject_1   – LaundryUProposal.docx. Exit Word. Submit your Word file as directed.
Total   Points

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