The essay (300 word minimum): these essays are prep for our final essay.

THE ESSAY (300 word MINIMUM): These essays are prep for our final essay.
Pick one topic/idea that interests you from the text readings.
Propose a question that will encourage you to do some research to develop this topic of interest. For example: Topic: Leadership in Corporate America Question: What are the roots of the belief that men should hold executive positions and women support them?
After doing some research on your question, propose a thesis statement, which you will defend in your essay. For example: Men’s dominance of the work world has its roots in the history of the division of labor.
4. Write a 300 word essay that defends your THESIS with at least two arguments and uses at least 3 sources to support your idea (one can be our text). Do not simply summarize what you’ve read. I want you to defend an idea based on your research and experience. YOUR THESIS STATEMENT (NOT A QUESTION) MUST BE A STAND ALONE SENTENCE BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOUR ESSAY.